Experiencing racial discrimination can negatively impact youth development and affect how our kids understand themselves and who they have the potential to become. It can influence their physical and emotional health, placing them at risk for disease and mental health disorders. These effects can be generational and limit our possibilities not just as individuals, but as a community. 

Teen Health strives to provide a model of care that moves our community closer to equality. We aim to chip away at the systematic inequalities that have led to the wealth gap and disproportionate health outcomes by strengthening the health and well-being of our kids, and ultimately our community.

As an agency, we want to deepen our understanding of racism and ask that you join us in that effort. We are here to have those much-needed conversations-- as challenging as they may be. Below is a list of resources to help lead us through those conversations. We are here to continue listening and learning and hope that with knowledge, humility, and empathy we can move towards policies and systems that promote impartiality and fairness.  

Thank you for being willing to have an open dialogue about these challenging issues. 

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