Galveston is falling behind in the number of households who have responded to the 2020 census. The national average is about 60% and Galveston's response rate is currently at 40%. This is a problem because the census is used to determine how many representatives we send to congress and to allocate funding for things like transportation and schools. If we are under-counted, we will not receive all the services and funds we deserve.

To make sure as many households as possible are counted, the United Way of Galveston and Vision Galveston have awarded grants to several nonprofit organizations, including Teen Health, to talk to our clients about the census and help them complete the survey.

If you have a medical or mental health appointment at Teen Health in the next few weeks, our clinicians will talk to you about the census, provide any information you may need, and offer to help you complete the census on the spot. 

The census takes less than 10 minutes to complete and asks very simple questions about how many people live at your address. Your answers are secure and confidential. The Census Bureau is committed to keeping your information private and safe. The census will not ask you about your citizenship or immigration status or things like income, education level or Social Security number. Most people share more information on social media than they will on the 2020 census! 

Preview the census questions here.‚Äč

Complete your own census response NOW!