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Liz Ginn, right, a physician assistant at the Teen Health Center, Inc. clinic at the Moody Early Childhood Center in Galveston, talks with Maria Ramos, a teaching assistant at the Moody Center, and her daughter Dianna Medina in the new health center on Wedhesday, August 28, 2019.

Teen Health Opens New Clinic at the Moody Early Childhood Center

Just in time for the 2019-20 school year, the Teen Health Center, Inc. has opened a full-service clinic at the Moody Early Childhood Center in Galveston! At this time, the clinic is only open to students, families, and staff who are associated with the daycare or pre-school. An article in the Galveston Daily News on August 30, 2019 includes the full details.

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Recent Eligibility Changes

Galveston residents and students who are 0-21 years old are welcome to make an appointment for free medical and mental health care. 

Access to affordable health care on island is win-win for everyone

The new, full-service Teen Health Center at Moody Early Childhood Center, 1110 21st St., in Galveston, is a win-win for children and families.

The Teen Health Center, originally established in 1985 on the campus of Ball High School, offers free physical and mental health care for children enrolled at Moody Early Childhood Center, as well as to the center’s employees and their families.

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